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  Autour du lac des Perches



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Around Lake Perches

A hike proposed by visorando


This walk takes you to the Lake Perches, a lake that nestles at the bottom of a very cashed circus. Then the trail leads you on a stubble from where one has a beautiful view of the Doller valley and the Alps even when the sky is clear.

(Cette randonnée vous emmène au lac des Perches, un lac qui se niche au fond d'un cirque très encaissé. Puis, le sentier vous mène sur une chaume d'où l'on a une très belle vue sur la vallée de la Doller et même les Alpes lorsque le ciel est clair.)

  Duration: 4:20 - Difficulty: Medium - Distance: 9.84km - Back to start: Yes - Vertical Rise: 634m - Means of transport: A walk - Vertical Drop: 634m - Region: Vosges Massif - Highest point: 1157m - City: Rimbach-près-Masevaux (68290) - Item Bottom: 584m

arrival at the Village

(arrivée au Village)

  Parking in Rimbach-près-Masevaux, ideally in the heart of the village, there has indeed no parking at the start of the path. You then follow the blue triangles to Lake Perches. It is primarily a path forestierjusqu'à farm inn Riesenwald (1), then a trail to Lake Perches


(Points de passages)

  Departure :( x: 346687 | y: 5299 202 - alt 585m) 1: Ferme-Auberge du Risenwald (x. 346 22 | it: 5300 716 - alt 751m - 1.75 km) 2: Lac des Perches (x:. 344674 | y: 5301 246 - alt 994m - 3.38 km) 3: Col des Perches (x: 344 745 | y. 5301 551 - alt 1048m - 3.75 km) 4 x :(: 343976 | y. 5300 577 . alt 1085m - 5.27 km) Arrive :( x: 346687 | y: 5299 194 - alt 584m).

Practical information

(Informations pratiques)

  As with many hikes in the Vosges, provide good shoes, water and some provisions. At the top of the circuit, on the stubble you can take shelter in a small cottage. Warning winter, passage through the debris above Lake Perches can be very dangerous in case of snow or ice. It is then better to rope. Possibility to have a drink and eat at the farmhouse inn Riesenwald (1). Give us your opinion on: Visorando and the author of this record can not be held responsible in case of accident occurred on this circuit


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