La fille du puisatier

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  Spectacle: La fille du puisatier
  Esplanade du Lac
  181, avenue de la Plage ,
  01220   Divonne les Bains

  Tel.   +33 4 50 99 17 70 & +33 6 81


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La fille du puisatier


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  In four different tables and eleven sets in four acts , this is the first adaptation
theater of the classic Marcel Pagnol Lafille Well Digger created and performed by
Ciné -Théâtre company Baudrac & Co.
If one knows the girl Puisatier cinema with unforgettable tandem Raimu / Fernandel
no theatrical version had never been attempted before. Unlike other
pagnolades as Marius et Fanny , this film directed in 1940 by Pagnol is not easy to
adapt on the boards, a lot of outdoor scenes requiring a lot of work
scenography and the presence of many actors. New actors are present in
adaptation of Jean- Claude Baudracco , authentic Provencal , which was seen on the small and
the big screen in many southern stories and reproduces itself , the role of
puisatier held by Raimu .
The history ... In 1939, at the dawn of World War II , Patricia , daughter of well driller is
found pregnant by a young airman, only son of a wealthy merchant family . But celuici mobilized . Social differences are very marked , at the time, her parents refuse to
recognize the child . Among the common people then , having a child without a father is a great
misfortune. The driller is forced to hunt his daughter from the family home ...



  Organized by the Association of Theatre de Divonne.
Jean-Claude Baudracco Diane Lava Bouby Stéphane Julien Baudracco, Jean-Paul Joguin, Jackie Carriere, Sophie Barbero, Elodie
Baudracco, Jacques Chart
Adapted and Directed by: Jean-Claude Baudracco
Gilles Faudot Bel, Jean-Louis Ramoneda, Simone Cassignol
Denis Bouvier

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  All public - Thursday May 15 2014 - Time: 8:00 p.m. - Time: 3:00 with intermission

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